Bulk Kerbside Collection FAQs

Why do I have to pay for my Bulk Kerbside Collection when other local Council residents get two (2) free every year?

Shellharbour City Council are committed to a user pays system when it comes to waste disposal. Don't be fooled, no Bulk Kerbside Collection is free. The cost involved for this service is incorporated into the annual waste levy attached to the rates. Rather than all residents paying a higher waste levy to include Bulk Kerbside Collections they may or may not need or use, Shellharbour City Council have made a decision to keep the overall waste levy on your rates to a minimum, and have those who require the Bulk Kerbside Collection service pay for it on a needs basis.

How do I book my Bulk Kerbside Collection?

Before placing any items out for collection, you must book your service with the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team

Bulk Kerbside Collections occur on a Wednesday (excluding public holidays) at the discretion of the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team.

Bookings must be made at least two (2) full business days in advance. To book your Bulk Kerbside Collection online click here.

Alternately, call the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team on 1300 121 344.

Can I change my Bulk Kerbside Collection?

Changes to Booked Collections must be made, to the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team, more than 24hrs in advance.

Please note, if you are changing the items initially listed for collection, for example now presenting a mattress that was not advised at the time of booking, please call the Harbour Cities team on 1300 121 344 at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled Collection Day.

How do I place items out for my Bulk Kerbside Collection?

If you live in a house – items must be placed between the gutter and footpath in front of your premises.

If you live in a unit complex (greater than 8 dwellings) - your Body Corporate, Strata Manager or Department of Housing NSW Officer will liaise with all tenants regarding the most suitable collection point.

Ensure there is at least 1 metre of space between your Bulk Kerbside Collection items and your Bins placed out for collection and there are no cars, trees or obstacles blocking access to your collection items.

Collection materials must be

  • Tied, wrapped or boxed
  • Placed between gutter and footpath in front of your premises
  • Placed neatly to ensure the Harbour Cities Team can safely access and handle your items
  • Placed so they won’t fall on the roadway or footpath..

What Items can I place in my Bulk Kerbside Collection?

What items CAN be placed?

Your Bulk Kerbside Collection Recycling items may include:

  • Mattresses
    Maximum 8 per collection
  • Ensemble/Base (legs and/or wheels removed)
    Maximum 8 per collection
  • Whitegoods
    Maximum 4 per collection
  • Tyres
    Maximum 8 per collection. Car only
  • Small Scrap Metal Items
    Less than 2m in length

Bulk Kerbside Waste Items – Maximum 2m3 per collection.
General Household items piled neatly, with small items in unwanted boxes or bags on the kerbside.

  • Small Furniture Items & Small Appliances
    Chair, bedside table, lamps
  • Baby Items & Toys
    Prams, bassinet, stroller, baby bath, car seats and toys
  • Garden Tools & Equipment
    Hoses, pots, plastic containers, bins and small garden tools
  • Sporting Goods & Camping Equipment
  • Clothing & Shoes (unfit for charity)
    Ensure clothing is bagged neatly
  • Rugs & Carpet Scraps
    Pieces must be less than 2m lengths

What items CANNOT be placed out for Cleanup

  • No Household Food Scraps
    These items belong in your FOGO Bin (Green Lid)
  • No Building Material or Commercial Waste
    i.e. no timber, asbestos, concrete, gyprock or bricks
  • No Sheet / Pane Glass or Mirrors
  • No Chemicals, Paints, Oils, Batteries or Gas Bottles (Can be disposed of for FREE at the Dunmore Recycling and Waste Disposal Depot)
  • No Items greater than 2.00m in length
  • No Items too heavy for two (2) people to easily lift
  • No Medical Waste
  • No Recyclables
    These items belong in your Recycle Bin (Yellow Lid)

IMPORTANT: These items will NOT be collected if presented. It is the responsibility of the resident to dispose of these items correctly at a licensed waste management facility. Fees and charges may apply.