Missed Service

Household Bins

Bins must be placed out on the kerbside for collection the evening before your scheduled service day or by 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection.

You can download your Recycling & Waste Collection Service Calendar to help you remember which week your FOGO, Recycle and Waste Bins are collected. Visit our Bin Collection Day page and enter your address to access the correct Calendar for your property.

Bin not emptied? First, you need to check that a service sticker has not been placed on the lid. This sticker may provide information as to why your bin may not have been emptied. The sticker also provides instructions on how to rectify the problem in order to have your bin collected.

Your bin may not have been collected for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Contamination (unacceptable items in your bin)
  • Too Heavy for the truck to lift
  • Overfull
  • Not Placed on the Kerbside by 6:00 a.m.
  • Items Jammed, preventing the bin from emptying completely

If there is no sticker on your bin, it may have been missed. To report a Missed Service simply phone the Harbour Cities team on 1300 121 344. Your bin will be collected generally within 2 working days of receiving your request.

Bulk Kerbside Collections

Items placed out for a Bulk Kerbside Collection must be out on the kerbside by 6:00am on the day of the scheduled collection.

For a missed Bulk Kerbside Collection check your letterbox for a Non-Conformance Notice (NCN) which will indicate why your matreials may not have been collected. The letter also instructs how to rectify the problem in order to have your Bulk Service collected. If there is no NCN in your letterbox, the service may have been missed. Keep the missed materials out on the kerbside. Collection of your missed Bulk Kerbside Collection will occur within one (1) working day after it is reported.

To report your missed Bulk Kerbside Collection click here.