Your FOGO Collection Service

Your Green Lid Bin is for Food and Garden Organics Only

This bin is collected weekly.                          

Please remember the vehicle lifting capacity is a maximum of 80kg. Any bin exceeding that limit cannot be emptied. Residents who have excessive food and organic material should consider home composting or an additional FOGO Bin (fees apply).

What you CAN place in your FOGO Bin:

  • Grass Clippings & Leaves
  • Flowers & Weeds
  • Prunings & Twigs (inside the bin, lid closed)
  • Untreated Timber
  • Plants & Small Shrubs
  • Small Branches
  • Fruit & Vegetable Peelings
  • Meat, Bones, Fat & Carcasses
  • Tea & Coffee Grinds
  • Egg Shells & Cardboard Cartons
  • Dairy
  • Seafood including shells
  • Takeaway & Leftovers
  • Paper towel, tissues, newspaper & shredded paper
  • Unshredded Paper, Promotional Pamphlets & Pantry Sized Cardboard
  • Out of date food

Your food and garden organics are processed into nutrient rich compost.

To view the TV advertisment highlighting Shellharbour's FOGO achievements over the last 12 months, click below:

These items contaminate your organics and MUST NOT be placed in your FOGO Bin:

  • Rocks & Large logs (>15cm in diameter)
  • Garden Hoses & Planting Pots
  • Treated Timber & Lattice
  • Plastic Bags (including biodegradable bags) & Bin Liners
  • General Waste
  • Building Materials

Plastic bags are NOT accepted in your FOGO Bin, this includes biodegradable bags.

These will contaminate the recycling process.

If you place the wrong items into your FOGO Bin, it may not be collected.


FOGO began 1 July 2016. For more information click here!

Irregular Collection Service

Did you know Shellharbour City Council offers an on-call Irregular Collection Service (fees apply)?

This may assist during periods when waste exceeds your usual weekly amount, e.g. summer season.

The collection fee must be paid in advance by credit card over the phone or in person at the Council Chambers customer service desk. Irregular collections occur on Monday - Friday and require 24 hours notice.

To arrange this, please click here.

Additional Bin

Is your FOGO Bin consistently full each week? Did you know that you can request an additional 240 Litre bin if one is not sufficient? These additional services are levied through your property rates system. For applicable fees click here.

To request an additional FOGO Bin, please click here.