Recycling Collection Service

What goes in?

Plastic bags are NOT accepted in your Recycling Bin.

If you place the wrong items into your Recycling Bin it may not be collected.

These will contaminate the recycling process.

Instead, check here for your closest soft plastic drop off point.

Did you know:

  • the triangle symbol on plastic items tells you what type of plastic the item is made of? It does not necessarily mean that the item is recyclable. Only rigid plastics are accepted in your recycle bin, no soft plastics are allowed.
  • that paper can only be recycled around 7 times, each time the paper fibre gets shorter and shorter. These short length paper fibres are at the end of their recycling life and are made into paper towel, tissues and tissue paper. Therefore tissues, paper towel and tissue paper cannot be recycled in your recycle bin, instead place them in your FOGO bin for recycling into organic soil conditioner.
  • the only glass we can recycle is "food grade" glass. If a food or drink item is packaged in glass when you buy it, then that glass can be recycled. Even if the item is broken, it can still be recycled through the yellow lid bin. All other glass items cannot be recycled in the yellow lid bin.
  • glass items that CAN'T be recycled through the yellow lid bin include window glass; pyrex bakeware; drinking glasses; eye glasses; light bulbs; vases; crystal and mirrors.

Irregular Collection Service

Did you know Shellharbour City Council offers an on-call Irregular Collection Service (fees apply)?

This may assist during periods when waste exceeds your usual fortnightly amount, e.g. festive season.

The collection fee must be paid in advance by credit card over the phone or in person at the Shellharbour Civic Centre  with our customer service staff. Irregular collections occur on Monday - Friday and require 24 hours notice.  

To arrange this, please click here.

Alternatively, you are able to take your additional recyclables to the Dunmore Resource Recovery Centre FREE of charge, at any time.

Additional Bin

Is your Recycling Bin consistently full each fortnight?

Did you know that you can request an additional 240 Litre Recycling Bin if one is not sufficient? These additional services are levied through your property rates system. For applicable fees click here.