Your Recycling and Waste Services

On behalf of Shellharbour City Council, contractor REMONDIS Harbour Cities operates a household recycling and waste collection service for properties in the Shellharbour Local Government Area (LGA).

Your recycling and waste collection service includes:

  • FOGO Bin 240 Litre (Green Lid) collected weekly
  • Recycling Bin 240 Litre (Yellow Lid) collected fortnightly
  • Waste Bin 140 Litre or 240 Litre (Red Lid) collected fortnightly

Your FOGO Bin is collected weekly and is for food and garden organics only.

Your Recycling Bin is collected fortnightly together with your FOGO Bin, and is for recycling only.

Your Waste Bin is for most other items which cannot be diverted, recycled or avoided. This bin is collected fortnightly, together with your FOGO Bin. Shellharbour City Council offers a 140 litre Waste Bin for all new services from 1 July 2016. For applicable fees click here.

  • Recycle 240 Litre Bin
  • FOGO 240 Litre Bin
  • Waste 140 Litre Bin or Waste 240 Litre Bin

Your Bin Placement Guidelines

  • Please have your bins on the kerbside before 6:00 a.m. on your collection day
  • Make sure your bins are presented at least 50cm apart
  • Do not overfill your bins. The lid must close properly
  • Ensure your bins do not weigh more than 80kgs each
  • Place your bins on the kerbside (not the gutter or road) with the opening (Council Logo) facing the road
  • Ensure there are no cars, trees or overhead wires blocking access to your bins
  • Bins are Council owned and it is illegal to remove bins from a property
  • Remove your bins from the kerbside on the day of collection, once they have been serviced.

To confirm your Bin Collection Day, please call the REMONDIS Harbour Cities Team and provide your address:

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