Your Waste Collection Service

Your Red Lid Bin is for Waste Only

This bin is collected fortnightly, on the same day as your FOGO Bin (on the alternate week to your Recycling Bin). This bin is for items that cannot be recycled or placed in your FOGO Bin. There are still many items that cannot be placed into this bin.

What you CAN place in your Waste Bin:

  • Plastic Bags
  • Polystyrene Foam (Can be recycled for FREE at Dunmore)
  • Disposable Nappies
  • Crockery, Pyrex & Glassware
  • General Waste that cannot be recycled                                                                                   

Your waste is sent to Landfill. Nothing is recovered. Choose the RIGHT bin, don’t just throw it in!

These items are contamination and MUST NOT be placed in your Waste Bin:

  • Building Material including Asbestos
  • Fire Extinguishers & Gas Bottles*
  • Hazardous Materials including Sharps
  • Chemicals, Paints, & Oils*
  • Fluorescent Globes & Tubes*
  • Car Batteries*

*Can be recycled for FREE at the CRC (Community Recycling Centre) located in the Transfer Station at the Dunmore Recycling and Waste Disposal Depot.

Irregular Collection Service

Did you know Shellharbour City Council offers an on-call Irregular Collection Service (fees apply)?

This may assist during periods when waste exceeds your usual fortnightly amount, e.g. festive season.

The collection fee must be paid in advance by credit card over the phone or in person at the Council Chambers customer service desk. Irregular collections occur on Monday - Friday and require 24 hours notice.  

To arrange this, please click here.

Downsize & Save

Could you do with an extra $130 or $150? Why pay for air?

With the introduction of the weekly FOGO service ALL food waste should now go into your green lid bin.

Almost 40% of the average red lid bin contained food prior to the introduction of FOGO.

If you now consistently have more room in your 240L red lid bin why not downsize?

A 140L waste service costs $130/yr less than a 240L service and an 80L waste service costs $150/yr less than a 240L service (based on 2019/2020 costs)

To arrange this, please click here.

Additional Bin

Is your Waste Bin consistently full each fortnight? Did you know that you can request an additional bin if one is not sufficient? These additional services are levied through your property rates system. 

For applicable fees click here

To request an additional Waste Bin, please click here.