Asbestos Disposal

Application Process for Disposal of Asbestos Sheeting 

Shellharbour City Council provides a service for asbestos sheeting disposal. This service is only available to residents of Shellharbour and Kiama Local Government Areas (LGAs). Applications must be lodged at Shellharbour City Council and approved prior to starting your renovations or repairs.


The EPA has introduced WasteLocate, an online reporting tool that is required for the movement of any load over 100kg of asbestos waste, or 10m2 or more of asbestos sheeting within NSW.  It’s similar in many ways to tracking parcels in the post.  Transporters are required to register with WasteLocate and report movements of asbestos from the point of generation to the place of disposal, including disposal at Council managed waste facilities.  To complete the process, waste facilities require a QR2id plate which transporters scan with their mobile device at the point of disposal.  The EPA recently wrote to all companies and individuals licensed to carry out asbestos demolition or removal, reminding them of their obligations to report movements of asbestos.  WasteLocate can be found here:

To apply for this service, complete the relevant form and submit directly to Shellharbour City Council.

About Asbestos

Between the 1950s and mid-1980s asbestos-based products were widely used by the construction industry. Asbestos was gradually phased out of building materials in the 1980s, and the supply and installation of goods containing asbestos has been prohibited in Australia since 31 December 2003.

Asbestos can release fibres into the air when disturbed. It is prevalent during the renovation and demolition of buildings containing asbestos. Asbestos fibres may also be released when there is any direct action on the asbestos such as drilling, boring, cutting, filing, brushing, grinding, sanding, breaking, smashing, blowing with compressed air and water blasting.

It is not always possible to detect asbestos just by looking at it. The best way to identify asbestos is by having a licensed asbestos removalist inspect it. If you are unsure whether a material contains asbestos, treat it as though it does. Before you start your renovations or repairs, read up on asbestos so you know what it is and what precautions you must take.

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