Bin Repair

If your bin is damaged, you can arrange to have it repaired.

Is your bin missing a wheel, lid broken or body split? Bin repairs (or replacements, if need be) generally occur within 3 working days after we receive your request. Please place your damaged bin in a visible location where the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team will have easy access.

There is no charge for repairs, in the event the repair is due to normal wear and tear. Repair types include:

  • Axle Replacement
  • Lid Replacement
  • Split Body Replacement
  • Wheel Replacement

Bins damaged beyond repair can only be replaced if the old bin is presented on the kerbside for removal. Contact the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team if further information is required.

You can arrange your bin repair or replacement online by clicking here.

Does your benchtop caddy need to be replaced?

FOGO caddies are available for collection at the Shellharbour Civic Centre or The Dunmore Recycling & Waste Disposal Depot.  Council staff wil request proof you are a resident in the Shellharbour LGA (this can include your licence, a bill etc).