Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) Collection Service






Below is our series of FOGO ads. The majority of this content was created from food's good to go FOGO!

Don't have FOMO about FOGO

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The FOGO service means Shellharbour City residents can place ALL their food waste; scraps, leftovers, take away and out of date food in their green lid bin together with their regular garden material. 

To view the original short explainer video click here.

Your caddy lid also shows what food types are acceptable in your FOGO bin.

FOGO Winter Tips

With the cooler weather now here, it's time to talk FOGO. Grass is growing more slowly, so you may think it's not worth bothering to put only a small amount of food scraps in the FOGO bin? This couldn't be further from the truth.  

In order to make an A grade recycled product the FOGO system requires food waste as a vital input.

Every little bit helps, so even in Winter:  

Every week, even if there's only a small amount in, still put out your FOGO bin. 

Try the following suggestions:

  • Wrap your scraps - wrapped food minimises smell and keeps scraps from sticking to the bottom of your bin. From around the house try newspapers, paper towel, letterbox brochures, or even a cardboard box from the pantry (cake mix box, cereal box, jatz/shapes box for example)
  • To stop food sticking to the bottom of the bin try putting shredded paper, a lid from a pizza box or cut a piece of cardboard to size on the bottom before placing your scraps on.

  • Food scraps (frozen or at room temperature) can be placed in your FOGO bin up untill the morning of collection (please ensure bins are on the kerb prior to 6am)
  • Layer your food waste among regular garden material, newspaper or shredded paper if available

  • Position your FOGO bin in the shade or in a well ventilated area on your property if possible
  • Your FOGO bin is the best place for used tissues and paper towel, these items do not go in your recycling bin.

  • Ensure your FOGO bin has no cracks or splits and that the lid shuts completely (Call the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team on 1300 121 344 to arrange a repair or replacement if your bin is split or has a broken/missing lid)
  • If your bin smells, trying rinsing with lemon and/or vinegar and finish by sprinkling some bicarb in the bottom of the bin to act as a natural deoderiser
  • Commercial bin cleaning services are available, please consult your local directory for options

Remember, every week, even if there's only a small amount in, still put out your FOGO bin. 

Why should I FOGO?

Approximately 40% of the average waste (red lid) bin in Shellharbour City is food waste. When food waste goes to landfill it contributes significantly to methane production.

Your food waste will be diverted from landfill when placed in the FOGO bin. Your food waste together with your regular garden material will be recycled to produce nutrient rich soil conditioner.  

FOGO could save you money!

With 40% less in your waste bin perhaps consider downsizing your 240L to an 80L or 140L bin and save yourself $155.00 on the waste component of your residential rates (based on 2020/2021 figures).

To arrange a downsize call the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team on 1300 121 344

Why no degradable, biodegradable or plastic bags?

Shellharbour City Council encourages all its residents to live plastic free. In alignment with this vision, the FOGO system is completely plastic free! 

Plastic bags are NOT acceptable in the kitchen caddy or FOGO bin, even degradable and biodegradable bags.

Degradable and Biodegradable bags are still plastic. Degradable simply means that they will break down into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic. Plastic does not enter the nutrient cycle, no matter how small.

We live on the coast. Plastic of any kind is lightweight. When plastic enters the environment, it usually ends up in our oceans, kills our marine life and inevitably enters our food stream and is eaten by us, YUM!.

Instead re-use compostable items that are already found in your home. Things like newspapers, brown paper bags, paper towel, cereal boxes or other pantry sized cardboard boxes.

To assist with making newspaper caddy liners you can pick up your FREE Advertiser at the following Advertiser Pick Up Locations.

To make a paper pouch liner for your caddy see the great video by City of Pitt Meadows below :