Bulk Kerbside Collection

Residents can arrange to have 2m3 ( 2m wide x 1m deep x 1m high) or 200kg of unwanted household items collected from their property for a minimum cost of $100 (fees apply). Collections generally occur on the Wednesday of each week (Public Holidays excluded) at the discretion of the Harbour Cities team.

If you have more than 2 cubic metres, you must book additional clean ups to cover the amount that you are presenting.

Tyres and mattresses do not form part of your 2mallocation, these items incur per unit pricing (Fees & Charges). Your old mattress will be transported locally to Resource Recovery Australia where it will be recycled and saved from landfill.

Please place tyres, mattresses, scrap metal and greenwaste in a separate pile next to your general waste pile for easy removal.

For a list of items accepted as part of your Bulk Kerbside Collection click here.

Items that CAN be presented for your Bulk Kerbside Collection include:

  • Mattresses and Ensemble/Bases (legs and/or wheels removed - Fees apply)
  • Whitegoods and Hot Water Systems
    doors, lids removed. Systems no larger than 1m wide by 1m high
  • Timber Items
    including doors, window frames [up to 2m in length]
  • Tyres (Passenger Vehicle & Motorbike only - Fees apply)
  • Saleable Secondhand Goods
  • Small Furniture Items & Appliances
    chair, bedside table, lamp
  • Baby Items & Toys
    Pram, bassinet, stroller, baby bath, car seat and toys
  • Garden Refuse, Tools & Equipment
    Bagged lawn clippings, prunings, hose and pots
  • Sporting Goods, Bikes & Camping Equipment
  • Clothing & Shoes (unfit for charity)
    Ensure clothing is bagged neatly
  • Rugs & Carpet Scraps
    Pieces must be less than 2m lengths
  • Scrap Metal
    Items must contain at least 70% metal

Items NOT accepted in your Bulk Kerbside Collection include:

  • Household Food Scraps
    These items belong in your FOGO bin
  • eWaste
    Computers and computer peripherals, Televisions, Monitors etc can be taken to Dunmore directly for FREE recycling 
  • Building Material or Commercial Waste
    i.e. no asbestos, concrete, gyprock or bricks
  • Sheet / Plate Glass or Mirrors
  • Chemicals
    These can be disposed of through the Household Chemical CleanOut program
  • Paints, Oils Batteries & Gas Bottles
    Can all be taken to Dunmore directly for FREE recycling
  • Items more than 2 metres in length
  • Items too heavy for 2 people to easily lift
  • Medical Waste or Syringes
  • No Recyclables
    Can all be taken to Dunmore directly for FREE recycling

You must pay for your Bulk Kerbside Collection by 2pm on the Monday prior to your scheduled collection.

If you do not pay, your booking will be cancelled and you will need to rebook.